Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Quilt Con!

I took a quick trip to Quilt Con last week. Lots of others have posted images to Facebook, Instagram and on blogs. I'm late in sharing a few images. It was fun. I'm so glad I went.

Registration was impressive. So slick. I pre-registered, then just stopped at this kiosk and printed out a tag with my name on it. It definitely felt fresh and tech savvy.

It was so great to see my friend Kathy York in front of her BEST OF SHOW quilt!

The collection of quilts from Bill Volckening of quilts from the 1970's was really cool. I especially loved this map.

Here are the prize winners from the Small Quilt category.

Houses! I love houses.

There was a tattoo parlor right on the show floor. Can you see the blond lying on the table on her side and the guy in the ball cap tattooing her under the light?!

When I think about the most important single element of my work, it's the STITCH. So I really like this quilt.

This was probably the stand out for me. I especially like the use of the ombre fabric.

This was another of my favorites. I love the composition, the color palette, the piecing and the subject matter.

I went to a great lecture with Luke Haynes. He was fun to listen to and really has made a lot of interesting quilts.

Here is one of his quilts on the right. My friend Chawne's quilts is on the left. I like the pairing of these two portrait quilts.

Look who I ran into in the vendor area! Crafty Gemini! Vanessa and I were both teachers in STITCHED 2012. She's an amazing YouTube arty/crafty entrepreneur. It was delightful to meet her in person.

How often do you get to ride a sewing machine?

I also saw Lisa Ellis in the Quilt Alliance booth where I got to play "mod or not." They had pictures of quilts and I had to guess if they were "mod" (made after 1970) or not. I guessed right!

It was a great day. I came away inspired... that's certainly worth the price of admission, right?!

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