Thursday, January 22, 2015

Opening Exhibit

We had a great time at the opening reception for the Visual Arts Society of Texas 125-Mile exhibit on Friday. 

Since I'm a member of the organization that hosted the exhibit, I brought cookies to the opening. Yum! 

The show is in a lovely gallery, well lit and full of a huge variety of work. You can see my quilt just behind the woman on the right.

As I browsed the exhibit before the awards were announced, I was immediately drawn to this painting by Faith Jessop titled, Landscape, Spoon, House, Home. I just love the color palette, the composition and the vast landscape combined with the more intimate close up images.

It won the Best of Show. Well deserved.

There were six categories in the show ranging from photography, to sculpture to drawing. An honorable mention and a first place was awarded in each category.

I was honored to win the award for the fiber/textile/ceramic category!

I was also thrilled to be called by local reporter who wrote about the show, my quilt and my creative process for the paper. Check out this big picture of my quilt! You can read the article here.

The show will be up until February 21 at the Center for Visual Arts in Denton. (If you're in the area and planning a trip, I'd suggest going after February 6 when Materials Hard and Soft will open in the other gallery in the same building. It's always a great show.)


Vivien Zepf said...

What a lovely gallery space and so happy to see your piece hanging there -- and awarded first place! Woo HOO!

cauchy09 said...

Hey, congrats!! Looks like a nice show.