Friday, June 13, 2014

The Last of the Five Projects: SAQA Auction

Yippee! I finished all five projects. I've been thinking about what I learned from this endeavor... but for now, let's just look at this last art quilt.

It's my 2014 SAQA Auction donation. Studio Art Quilt Associates holds an online auction every year and I'm always happy to donate.

This is Nightfall. It's 12x12 inches.

It was fun to use similar fabrics and shapes that I used in another of the "five projects" Waning Crescent Meditation.

These red leaves seemed a bit gutsy... totally outside of the rest of the color palette, but I think they really work.

Stitching, handwriting, wavy lines...

Those gumdrop shapes are stamped onto the fabric with acrylic paint and a rubber coaster.

Here's a close up of the moon. I posted the technique using fusible webbing and foil paper yesterday. I added a bit of matching stitching to emphasize the shape.

I'll tell you more about the auction when it rolls around in September. In the meantime, you can view all the quilts on the SAQA website. Or... my favorite way to view the donated quilts is on the SAQA Pinterest board. I've repinned some of my favorites from both 2013 and 2014 on this board.


Dee Spillane said...

Beautiful Deb

Unknown said...

Deborah, it is really beautiful!!!

Leslie Tucker Jenison said...

Love, Love, LOVE!