Thursday, June 12, 2014

Foil Paper Crescent

Mostly I'm finished with the "five projects." More on that later. Here's a little review of the process of creating my SAQA Auction quilt.

I finished some of the hand stitching. Before I finished my planned embroidery, I needed to add the crescent moon and some machine stitching.

I decided to use silver foil paper for the moon. Here you see the moon shape drawn on fusible webbing and the piece of silver foil paper I'll be using. Apparently I used it to foil an "S" on something in the past.

Here I've cut out the crescent and fused it to the quilt.

Here I've peeled off the release paper. You can haze of fusible there.

Now I've placed the foil paper over the crescent shaped fusible and iron. Then peel away the foil paper, leaving some foil fused to the crescent.

I'll show you the finished quilt tomorrow.

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StillQuilting said...

Deborah, I love this and your techniques.