Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Five Projects: Still Working

When last I posted about the "five projects," I was stitching on my SAQA auction donation and finishing up my "tall me" submission. I'm still stitching on the auction piece and "tall me" has been submitted. Yeah!

It feels pretty amazing to have completed three major works over the last several weeks! Here are some tiny details from each of them.

"Tall Me"

Radiocarbon Dating: Oldest Tree


I am really pleased with all of them. They all fit nicely into my larger body of work and there were small bits of growth and development within each that will carry through to what I create in the future.

Now I'm beginning work on a piece I'll enter in the Festival of Quilt Art exhibit. The theme this year is Home. This is always one of my favorite exhibits at Quilt Festival in Houston. Always really great quilts, lots of variety and inspiring ideas. The quilts are required to be at least 48 inches on each side. That's big for me.

Here's where I start.

There will be a large house shape from the swirly print in the center of the quilt. I'm still interested in explore symmetry. The light blue at the top under the house and the dark green at the bottom, also under the house, will be the bulk of the background.

I've pulled lots of additional fabrics and pinned them up at the side. These will make up additional details and layers.

I love this stage! I'm excited about the fabric and I can see potential for interesting bits of design that will compliment the overall composition.

But I'm also a bit stuck. I need to think through each little step and not get ahead of myself.

So right now, I really need to just focus on fusing the three main fabrics and settling on the most basic composition. I think I need a "clean slate" looking at just those three fabrics. I'll need to decide on the exactly size of the house. I'll need to decide where the "horizon" between the blue and green will be. It sounds simple, but it's not happening as quickly as I'd like at the moment.

By the way, here's something else I made that turned out really well!

Tactile Architecture

Tall Me

Coming Up Roses
I decided not to enter this exhibit, but now the deadline has been extended. Should I reconsider?


SAQA Auction
Hand stitching needs to be finished soon so I can start machine stitching.

Festival of Quilt Art
See above.

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Kristin L said...

Looking good! You have accomplished a lot. I'd say focus on Home for a while and if it goes well, then reconsider Roses, but if it needs your full attention, then Roses won;t be nagging at you. BTW, the split tree really caught my eye. I hope it stays.