Monday, April 28, 2014

Five Projects: Dining Room and SAQA Auction

You may remember that my Tactile Architecture piece was first started as a quilt to hang in our dining room. I blogged about it here.

Here's our dining room before.

And here is "Neighborhood" hanging on the wall.
It's a good thing I like having it hanging here on the wall because I received notification from Tactile Architecture today. It was rejected.

Remember I mentioned I was adding another project to the "five projects" endeavor? It's the SAQA auction. I don't know why I didn't have it on my calendar. But I definitely want to create something to donate. I think this will be my fourth or fifth year donating. It must be received by June 1.

I used the same fabrics from the "tall me," quilt I'm working on and put together this little composition.

Then I enhanced it just a bit by adding some handwriting surface design in the light green section and some bright red leaves.
After working on so many large pieces lately, it was a snap to put together something only 12x12!

Tactile Architecture



Coming Up Roses

Tall Me
Hand stitching is done.

Machine stitching in progress.
Deadline is Thursday. It's going to be tight.

SAQA Auction
See above.

Festival of Quilt Art: Home
Bought fabric.
Getting excited.
Here are the fabrics I picked. That swirly print is large. The swirls are about 4 inches across. The batiks are both leaf prints in a dark green and a light blue.

I watched several movies while hand stitching on my recent projects including the Academy Award winning documentary 20 Feet from Stardom and the Academy Award winning short documentary The Lady In Number 6. They are both on Netflix. I'd definitely recommend them. (Neither was as good as Tim's Vermeer, which isn't on Netflix, but I hope it will be soon.) Even better was Wasteland, another documentary about a Brooklyn-based artist who went to Brazil to work in the world's largest landfill creating art with the people working in the dump collecting recyclables. It was excellent.

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