Monday, January 27, 2014

Winged Return

I finished this quilt a couple of months ago and never got around to sharing it on my blog. So sorry. Anyway, here is Winged Return. 

It's 40x42 inches and was made specifically to enter in an upcoming exhibit which will premier at the Texas Quilt Museum in La Grange (between Houston and Austin). The exhibit is titled "Butterflies and Their Beautiful Kin." I am thrilled that it was accepted and will be included in the portion of the show which will travel to various quilt shows through 2018. 

I think the yellow branch with the brown leaves is my favorite part. I think it ties together all the horizontal parts of the composition.

Did you notice the large butterfly silhouette in the full shot? Lots of people miss it on first viewing. You can see the upper right wing in this image. It's a layer of tulle and then the "spots" on the wing are cut out.

The Y stitches, of course.

The handwriting, of course.

Here you can see all the way to the green polka dot fabric which is a fused border at the bottom edge. The other edges have a zig zag finish.

You can see the large butterfly silhouette again here. Plus, the teal butterfly shapes that were created with a fun foam stamp and paint. I outlined them in yellow embroidery floss and repeated the shapes beyond the edge of the house.
It was a really fun quilt to make. As I continue to create art quilts, I am getting more comfortable with my own particular style, design and construction methods. Making an art quilt is work, but it's not as much of a struggle as it has been in the past.


Charlotte Scott said...

It's beautiful. I feel a slightly oriental vibe from it. Maybe that's the gold and the red. And is it a step away from your usual colour palette?

Charlotte Scott said...

PS I see your name on the list for Living Color. Congratulations! I got on that list too - exciting!