Thursday, December 05, 2013

Yoga Banner Commission

Recently after my yoga class, my delightful instructor Amy was talking with another student about creating a banner for her yoga business using her embroidery machine. My embroiderer friend wasn't sure she could create something as large as Amy had in mind. I overheard their conversation and suggested I could make a fabric banner. Embroiderer friend graciously agreed that my style and techniques fits the project perfectly. 

So a commission began. Amy came to my studio with her logos and fonts and colors and inspiration! She really wanted to re-use an old banner as the foundation. She's all about recycling and I was happy to oblige.

On some of her flyers, there is a faint paisley pattern in the background. Guess what I purchased in Houston?! A paisley hand carved wooded stamp! Here are some of my supplies and reference materials.

Here is the subtle paisley background!

I started by figuring the proper size for this warrior two figure, tracing the pattern and cutting her out.

She's very flexible.

Next I chose a light, medium and dark blue fabric for the abstract swirly, petals that suggest energy and calm.

Looking at the blue design from Amy's logo, I cut several petals.

I played around with the arrangement of the blue pieces quilt a bit. I settled on the final arrangement and fused it down. Amy loves that this energy seems to be radiating from the figure's core.

Next I sized, traced and cut a freezer paper stencil of the name of Amy's business.

And painted the stencil. Here I've pulled away the stencil a bit and you can see the letters painted on the fabric.

Next I added lots of quilting through the top layer and an additional layer of felt to give it body and dimension. I even left the thread tails long so I could carefully bury each one. (I don't usually do this with my work, but this project called for it.)

I love the way this stitching over the figure turned out. It follows the lines of the blue petal shapes. Plus a few swirls!

Here's the finished piece!

Here's beautiful Amy with her new banner. She was thrilled! I was thrilled.


elle said...

It looks pretty perfect!

Jane LaFazio said...

beautiful! I love seeing her holding the finished banner.

Mystic Quilter said...

What a great banner!

Vicki W said...

Very cool!

Kristin L said...

Nice! I especially like the lotus energy and quilting emanating from the figure. Utilizing elements from Amy's existing marketing materials also creates an cohesive identity for the studio. Well done!

Unknown said...

The banner is absolutely gorgeous! You could sell these...

Amy+ said...


Vivien Zepf said...

Lovely. And that is one wild pretzel pose! :)

Jeannie said...

Deborah, that is a gorgeous banner! I did chuckle at the flexibility of the fabric figure. If only....:)