Sunday, October 20, 2013

Blog Renew: 28 -- Sewing Expo Outing

So... I lapsed. Did you notice? I was doing ok on my plan of blogging every day (except weekends) for 30 days then I totally skipped three days. Sorry. Part of what I've learned during this "blog renew" is that I don't ever want to waste time apologizing for being a bad blogger. Who wants to read that anyway? So, enough of that.

I had a great time at the Sewing and Quilt Expo with a bunch of friends in Fort Worth on Friday.

We were especially excited to see the SAQA special exhibit Deux.

Actually, it's just a portion of the exhibit. There are 50 quilts in the full exhibit. Eighteen are traveling with the Sewing Expo and the rest (including mine) are traveling to venues in Europe.

The show was hung in one stunning long line. Those are Frida Anderson's quilts in the foreground.

My arty friends!

There were several small special exhibits at the Expo. I really liked Marlene Glickman's Doorway Series.

Especially this luscious orange close up.

Michelle and I catching snapshots of each other through one of the "doors."

SAQA had a booth staffed by Heather Pregger and Jan -- so sorry I can't remember Jan's last name.

We walked from the convention center to lunch...

... at the Rodeo Goat where I had a burger with grilled peaches! It was perfection.

Actually, the whole day was pretty perfect.

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