Thursday, October 03, 2013

Blog Renew: 21 --- My Family Quilt Blog Hop!

I'm part of a fun little project this week called My Family Quilt Blog Hop! It was organized by Cheryl Sleboda so we can share and celebrate quilts made by other members of our family.

I am lucky to have a stack of vintage quilts given to me by my husband's aunt. She knew I would appreciate them. And I do!

I chose this one to share with you today.

I'm a bit ashamed to say that I'm not exactly sure who made it. I really need to talk with Aunt Nancy and make note of the providence of these quilts. Whoever it was, she fussy cut these awesome green bits.

Same funky circle print in blue... but apparently she didn't have as much. It's used here in a smaller border block.

Of course I love love love this shot since it's all about the green and the purple! (I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to the green and the purple.) We can assume that middle row of hexies may have been the same color years and years ago, but apparently they were different fabrics because one has almost faded away. I love the assymetrical design we're left with.

Several of the blocks are not only faded, but completely worn away.

Another fussy cut block. (That means she carefully placed her hexagon template over the fabric to choose just that blue flower for each shape.)

 I especially love the diamond sashing between each block. So dainty and elegant.

I am really struck by how much I like this quilt even though it is so very different from the quilts I create. There is just something about fabric and stitching that transcends style. I think it's pretty amazing that we continue to be draw to create with these same materials through the generations.

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Lisa Chin said...

I love these old fashion hexagon quilts! I have always dreamed of making one but I know it would take me a million years to finish and I have to wait until my carpel tunnel is taken care of. I hope you are able to find out the history of the quilts. They are gorgeous!

Sylvia said...

Beautiful quilt! It takes a lot of work to hand piece and hand quilt a grandmother's flower garden. A wonderful treasure!

Jeannie said...

What a fabulous treasure! I love the way old fabric wears. It has a softness that cannot be duplicated. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful quilt. (I always dreamt of making a Grandmother's Flower Garden, but I realized it wouldn't have that aged quality that I love. Plus, I would be 159 before it would be finished. :D)