Friday, December 16, 2022

2021 Art Quilt Collages

A brief review of the art quilt collages I created in 2021.
Said and Done, 60x40"
Hello and Welcome, SAQA Spotlight Auction, 8x6

Art Quilt Collage Bouquet Workshop Sample, 16x16

Alaska Construction Workshop Sample, 16x20

Festive Flourish, 5x7, June

Summary, 60x40
July 2021

Twilight Lifting, 52x21

Dawn Expanding

Carry On, 5x7

 Vibrant Path, 9 2/3 x 28

Begin Again, 7x5

Follow Through, 7x5

Keep in Mind, 7x5

Follow Through SAQA Trunk Show, 10x7

Scattered Showers, 30x30

Arriving, 7x5

Continuing, 7x5 

Enduring, 7x5

Evolving, 7x5

Increasing, 7x5

Tending, 7x5

Tuesday, January 05, 2021

2020 Art Quilt Collages

A global pandemic and breast cancer didn't keep me from making art quilts! I did make fewer than in years past, but I'm really pleased with this collection. You can see my 2019, 2018, 2017 and 2016 collections too.  


Planted Perception, 20x20
I created this art quilt collage for a particular call for entry. It was not accepted, but it got my year started off strong. I like it more now than I did when I finished it. I blogged about the process here. 

Seek and Find, 8x6"
This was my contribution to the Spotlight Auction that is part of Studio Art Quilt Associates annual conference. I'm delighted it raised $250 for our organization. 

Even and Odd, 60x40
This is the second in a series of ladders in abstracted block compositions. I leaned way into odd color combinations and unexpected elements like beetles and sushi. This quilt won first place at the Visual Arts Society of Texas member show. 

untitled (or I can't remember the title), 12x12"
This vessel was made to be included in a selection of 12x12" works by artists accepted into Art Quilt Elements 2020. I sent it off in late February and then, of course, the show was postponed. 

Distant Breath, 40x40"
Another in my series of 40x40" linear landscapes.

Boundless and Bare, 40x40
This is my quarantine quilt. Like many artists, I worked through thoughts and feelings by making art.

Cuts and Bruises, 60x40
This could be called my breast cancer quilt. The ideas and feelings implied here are not obvious, but I know they're there.

Across and Through, 12x12
This was my contributions to Studio Art Quilt Associates annual Benefit Auction. I am delighted it raised $1000 for our organization.

Sprouts Soil Sky, 34x26"
After making several quilts for specific calls for entry and to specific sizes, I gave myself permission to just put some fabrics, shapes and stitching together with no parameters. This piece won second place at the Visual Art Society of Texas 175-Mile exhibition in December. 


Rising and Setting, 31x31"
Inspired by a painting I saw at the Dallas Museum of Art, I loved exploring this color palette in a blocky, abstracted landscape.

Moon Meadow, 9.5 x 28"
This long skinny quilt was created as my submission to the annual Art on the Plaza competition. 

Ladder Factory 16x12"
Lisa Ellis commissioned me to make this art quilt collage. You can watch me talk about ladders -- and the idea of a ladder factory -- here


Hillside Woods, 40x40"
This is another in my tree lines series. It was in various stages of development over several months until I decided to get it under the needle and finish it to give my mom for Christmas. 

Thirteen original art quilts! A good year!

Saturday, July 04, 2020

How to Make Greeting Cards from Artist Photos

Every year or so I stitch up a bunch of greeting cards that I use in all kinds of situations. I just finished a new set, so I thought I'd share the process and include all the materials I use.

I start by ordering blank cards and envelops. These are 5x7 and work great with a 4x6 image. Here's a link to the set of 50 I like. 

I also order 50 4x6" photos from Shutterfly. I just go through my recent work and crop them to a nice detail. I think I chose about ten different images and ordered five of each. I ordered glossy prints this time, but I think I prefer matte.

Then I stitch the photo to the card using a coordinating thread color and a wide stitch. I start in the middle of the bottom of the image and stitch about 1/8 inch from the edge.

I leave the threads long...

Then trim them a little.

Here's what they look like from the inside.

Several years ago I ordered a self-inking personalized stamp from Etsy. It took several weeks to arrive, so I'm not sure I'd recommend that particular shop, but you can easily find lots of options and decide what info you want to include.

I use this same stamp for the back of my small art quilt collages that are mounted on mat board.

Ta Da! I'm not sure it's "easier" than ordering professionally printed cards. It's probably cheaper. It's also easier to get multiple images, usually when you order printed cards, you order just one design. Plus, I like that they feel a little hand-made and it's certainly not a difficult project.

Let me know if you make some!

Monday, June 29, 2020

Love Your Creative Space Blog Tour

During the past few months, I've noticed lots of us are doing some cleaning and purging. Me too! I'm super excited to share a new book with you that you'll want to add to your library of creative resources. It's Lilo Bowman's Love Your Creative Space.

A few highlights from the book...

  • Lots of questions to ask yourself to help clarify what you really need (and don't need)
  • Suggestions for list making to help focus the task of going through your stuff
  • Ideas for ALL kinds of fiber -- quilting, knitting, garment making
  • It's about making a PRACTICAL space ... not styled like a magazine feature (though there are tons of pretty pictures)
  • So many suggestions -- many of them obvious, and yet often overlooked
  • Ideas for organizing your thoughts and ideas, not just your shelves and drawers (Don't we all need that!?)
Table of Contents gives you an idea of all the good stuff included.

I'm delighted Lilo talked with me about how I've stayed organized and productive over the years when I was moving regularly. (My husband was a Navy pilot of many years.) In one of the pictures in the book is from my studio and you can see a little of my inspiration bulletin board. Here's a current full view -- just for fun! (For more about things I find inspiring, sign up for my e-newsletter Three Bits of Inspiration.)

There is also a section of studio galleries with great images from a variety of artists. They are all so different which reinforces the idea that you have to make your space your own! 

Here's the current view of my creative space. There's a lot going on at the moment and I'm happy to say it's working for me!

Would you like to win a copy of the ebook Love Your Creative Space? Just comment here or on my artist Facebook page, or on my Instagram. I'll pick one winner from all those comments on July 3.

To learn more about Lilo's awesome new book, check out the rest of the stops on the blog tour.

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