Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Blog Renew: 14

I was really productive today, including a trip to the grocery store. Hey, see those bananas?

If I bought bananas just a bit green in Maryland, they would be perfect the next day and fine for another three or four. Here in Texas, those bananas are perfect for one day, tolerable for another day and covered in big brown spots by the third day. Mangos, on the other hand, are plentiful, less expensive and stay ripe longer than the mangos in Maryland.

Most of my productive time today was spent at the computer, but I was on a roll and feeling motivated. Sometimes the creativity required to work through projects at the computer is just as challenging and fun as actually cutting, stitching, painting and composing in the studio.

I prepared two blog posts including a fun new video for The Sketchbook Challenge blog hop. My day to post is Thursday. Have you been following all the amazingly inspiring content from the Sketchbook Challenge artists this month? Good stuff.

I'm also working on a (somewhat) new online workshop. I'm uploading videos. Setting up a private blog. Thinking of some really exciting ways to enhance the experience for the student.

If you were going to take an online workshop from me, what kinds of projects, techniques and ideas would you like to explore?


Sarah Ann Smith said...

Looking for the LIKE button!

QuiltingFitzy said...

Have you seen the plastic bags for bananas? (We get them at Costco!) Bananas last about an hour in this desert heat UNLESS stored in these crazy plastic bags. They stay for a couple of days now, we sometimes have to take them out of the bag overnight, so we have one ready for our morning smoothie.