Thursday, September 19, 2013

Blog Renew: 11

Grab a cuppa, let's have a chat.

What should I blog about when I really have nothing to say? Or the things I do have to say are too personal or negative or reflect poorly on people I care about?

When I started blogging nearly nine years ago, blogs were much more personal. Blogging has changed a lot since then. So have I, I suppose. Blogging now has the potential to be much more professional. Blogs generate books, teaching opportunities and sales. 

If I am completely honest with myself (and with you), I am interested in publishing opportunities, teaching and selling my work! I shouldn't be ashamed to say that, right? I'm not. But I do feel the teensiest bit of discomfort using my blog as a marketing tool. Maybe it's because it didn't start out the way and I'm still adjusting and trying to find my way... as a blogger, as an artist, as a mother balancing the many responsibilities and opportunities that come my way.

This is part of what I want to explore in this Blog Renew project. I'm thinking about what I enjoy sharing. I'm considering options for different kinds of posts and the right balance for the content on my blog.

A couple of you did make specific requests for things you'd like to see on the blog. My mom wants to see more pictures of her grand kids. Misty wants to know how I set up my workspace. I'll cover all that within the next 19 days!

What thoughts do you have about blogging and the balance between professional and personal?


Gerrie said...

You need to do what works for you. If your blog gets all professional, I might give it a gratuitous scan, but that is because I have been following you for so long and I like to hear more about your life. At this stage of my life, it will be a combo for me. Lisa and Stephanie both seem to be able to have a mix of personal and professional - Lisa more so. But I think people really connect with her personal story.

So, there you have my 2 cents.

Donna said...

A blog is all about the blogger! If you post about family, teaching, publishing, and your work--that's all a part of you. I personally think it's great to follow someone over a long period of time and see them change and grow. That's life!

That said, I have had similar thoughts in that I didn't want to post too much of something and not enough of another so I created several blogs--one targeted to family and friends, one for my art quilts and mixed media art, and one for writing humor (which I don't post on nearly as much as I'd like to)! I also have links on each blog to go to the other blogs in case anyone is interested.

That's merely the way I chose to handle it but, like I said, it does not bother me a bit to read a blog that covers all kinds of things. Watching a blogger grow and change is a beautiful thing!

Have a wonderful day Deborah!

Kristin L said...

Oh, I'm right there with you. Where's the balance? For me, I like a mix of promoting my work and sharing my inspirations (and that could totally include family!). What I'm finding the hardest, is that I am now posting quick stuff on Facebook and not taking the time to flesh out any stories on my blog. My blog doesn't deserve to be ignored like that -- especially since I don't respect FB the way I respect my blog. Throw in Instagram, and I think our potential ways to connect to viewers are stretched too thin.

Linda Evans said...

The reason I follow your blog is because I like your art. I like to see your creative process, works in progress, inspiration, troubleshooting, etc. When I choose to follow an artist's blog, I enjoy knowing a little about their life, because it helps understand their work. The highs and lows of life often influence the art. There are other blogs that are heavy on the personal/family life, which is perfect for the family/friends of the bloggers, but maybe not for the whole world. Sometimes I feel a little uncomfortable viewing a lot of personal information about people I don't know on the internet, even when it is just ordinary kinds of stuff. For example some people post pictures of every corner of the home, all their possessions, daily photos of their children/pets, details of their ailments, etc. I feel a little voyeuristic when I see that. Am I snooping? Is this a reality TV show?

Maybe you are ready for 2 blogs?

p.s. I would buy your book!
p.s. I don't do FB, for whatever that's worth to you....

Lisa Chin said...

I don't mind seeing some personal life in peoples professional blogs. It's nice to know that the artist has other demands on their life. That said I don't share a lot of personal information on my blog. I shared more when I started the blog because I was trying to figure out how to write a blog and what my focus would be - thus the name of it! As time has progressed I've blogged more art and less family because of my husband's worries about strangers knowing too much about our family. I struggle with the balance. I look forward to seeing your posts about this topic.

Sarah Ann Smith said...

What Kristin said. If the interface for blogs got even easier, where I could post easily and directly from my phone like I can to Facebook, I'd post a lot more...brief things, but those tidbits of daily life and inspiration. Having to take the photo, upload to laptop, resize, blog... too much time when time is already stretched to thin! It seems like much of the personal has migrated to FB which, though I went kicking and screaming, I really like. So yeah--balance, time, family, and not feeling constantly pressured to produce, even if it just a picture and a few words.