Friday, September 20, 2013

Blog Renew: 12

Several days this week were filled with various obligations and distractions, but I made time to work on the living room quilt today! Mostly it was spent considering these greens -- and several others that I didn't photograph.

I fused and cut the light green first. Then I decided it was not enough contrast with the light tan fabric it will be sitting on. Then I fused and cut the dark green. Then I played with the light green on top of the dark green and the dark green on top of the light green.

Then I heard Joanne's voice asking me why I'm using solid fabric when patterns and surface design add  so much more interest to an art quilt.

Then I fused the medium green print and sliced it up creating some jagged edges. 

I think I'll be using the medium green. The light and the dark greens will get added to my box of pre-
fused fabric to future use.

In fact, I will be adding surface design. For this project, I decided I needed to settle on the basic composition and fabrics before I planned the surface design. That's now done, so on to paint and pattern!

I may be using this string stamp I created for another recent project. I wonder how long it will last getting all smooshy and wet with paint.

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Jane LaFazio said...

I love this stamp. talk about easy and effective!