Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Hey, It's Me!

I've grown tired of the "portrait" shot I've been using for social media and professional stuff. So, I put on some make up and had Claire take some snap shots. What do you think?

Super close up.

Hand on chin.

From above.

Leaning in.

I'm tempted to tell you all the things I don't like about these images, but I'm going to keep a positive attitude. I think I look happy! That should say it all.

Look for one of these images to show up on Facebook soon.


Unknown said...

They're fabulous!! "Hand on the chin" is the best of the bunch, if it were up to me that would be the one I'd use from now on.

Christine's Arts said...

Hand on chin looks pretty professional to me. Leaning in looks like you're interested in what others are saying too. All are beautiful.

Charlotte Scott said...

I know how hard it is to pick a portrait shot having just done it on my blog. I took heaps of shots, started criticising and then just decided to go for it! After all we can't pose in real life! I think any of them would be great and I see you picked leaning in for your blogger profile.