Friday, November 30, 2012

Haze and Hope

Haze and Hope, 39 x 36 inches

I started this quilt nearly two years ago. It took its own sweet time, which is just fine. I was motivated to finish in order to enter an upcoming show. So, it's finished, photographed and entered! I'm really pleased with it.

It continues in the vein of strong horizontal landscapes with houses and botanical elements in various materials, techniques and layers.

The trees are my favorite part. I drew them on large sheets of parchment paper, specifically to fill the space above the house and arch out into the sky.

Then I spread a layer of blue tulle over the quilt, but the parchment over the tulle, then stitched through the parchment and the tulle following my sketch. Then I peeled off the parchment and cut away the tulle just beyond the stitched line.

After the trees were done, it sat for a long long time. I wasn't sure what to add or if it lacked focus. Eventually I added the chunky dark blue outline on the house -- mimicking a magic marker sketched line.

Kristin came to visit and helped me work through some design issues at the bottom (and cut off several inches that were out of balance). It was nice to return to rocks. I've used this motif in the past.
Free motion quilting in the plum area between the house and the stones was risky. I had a vision of a line of botanical shapes, but I wasn't sure how it would turn out. I am pleased that it filled the space without being too dominate.

Of course, hand embroidery.
As you know, I've lived in lots of houses. Sometimes I feel like we settle so briefly that I can just see right through... from the foreground to the horizon with nearly nothing in between. Other times I am entranced by all the beauty and growth and adventure around me.


Sue Reno said...

Deborah, this is truly lovely. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Diana1955 said...

Looks like one of your best, Deborah. I love it.

Kristin L said...

Thanks for including me in your process, but really, this is all you! I am so glad to see that you finished it in time for submission to Deux. I love what you did with the "sun." The whole piece came together really well. Great job!!!

Jane said...


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Anonymous said...

A truly gorgeous piece Deborah!

Vivien Zepf said...

Love it and all the details you've included.

Unknown said...

Love the tule trees! Thanks for sharing... wish I'd seen this an hour ago before I painted a tree!