Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Delicious Belgium

I never got around to posting pictures of all the tasty things we ate in Belgium. Earlier I posted highlights from France and food from France and highlights from Belgium... and now food in Belgium.

Of course, street waffles. Wow. 

And lots of lattes. One time my waitress asked if I'd like my coffee with "chantilly" and I just said "no thank you," thinking it sounded like some kind of alcohol. You know, like Irish coffee? Then the person at the table next to me ordered her's with chantilly and she got a lovely mound of whipped cream on top!

Best waffle ever.

More street food -- frites or French fries. There were several sauces to choose for dipping and tiny forks to dip with.

Most refreshing and surprising drink of the whole trip.
We were on a bus tour and we were hot and tired. Suddenly there appeared a strolling cart giving away free cans of Lipton Ice Tea. I think it was the passionfruit and green tea flavor, which I would not normally choose. Nothing like a freebie to change your mind!

The strawberrry and whipped cream waffle above was for breakfast. This chocolate and banana version was an afternoon snack.

Jeff had a beautiful apple pancake.

Candy shops everywhere! I think these little sugar cones are so pretty.

Chocolate hedgehogs!

Before our bike ride, we grabbed a quick lunch at Friterie 1900 in Bruges.

There was a whole case of various items to be fried. You order whatever you want and they toss it in the fryer.

We ordered fish bites, meatballs, cheese, chicken and potatoes. I couldn't eat like this too often... but it was pretty unique.

After our bike ride, our guide recommended a local place call Passage.

I ordered the "waterzooi" listed at the top of that menu page. Basically, chicken stew.

Claire ordered shrimp stew.

Jeff had a big slab of ribs.

I am so thankful that Francoise sent me home with some authentic Belgian treats! We enjoyed them so much!
At the top are the Jules Destrooper crispy butter waffles which are PERFECT with coffee as a mid morning snack. (Or anytime.) Luckily, I have found these at my local grocery store. In the middle are wonderful sweet honey breads and at the bottom are speculoos cookies. Those had to be carefully rationed and divided between the four of us. Wow. I'm predicting speculoos will be a hot new flavor trend!

Back to reality. We're having grilled chicken salad for dinner. Ho hum.


Joanna Stein said...

Have you had cookie butter? It is made from speculoos cookies. I AM OBSESSED.

I can send you a jar in your Christmas box.

Brenda said...

Those sugar cones look like they would belong on the 12x12 blog. Sweet!

Connie Akers said...

It all looks so delicious & beautiful. I have actually seen some of those cookies at Big Lot & will look for them next time I go.