Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Paris Highlights

We've been home from our trip for almost two weeks, but I still feel like I'm recovering and absorbing the experience. (Plus, I got some kind of nasty throat infection that kept me in bed for several days.)

With that in mind, I'm happy to relive the experience through these quick snapshots.

We were in Paris for the finale of the Tour De France. Jeff has watched the race for years so it was thrilling to watch the pelaton speed past us along the Seine.

We even got a shot of Wiggins (the winner) wearing the customary yellow jersey.

Just hanging out by Notre Dame.

We took a bus tour that allowed us to get on and off at various locations and we learned so much via the audio guide.
I think the buses are about as touristy as you can get, which bothers me a bit -- but I'm not sure there is another way to see so much and learn so much.

I loved walking around Ill St. Louis -- one of two islands in the Seine. What a charming collection of buildings, shops, restaurants and people. We had lunch at this beautiful spot.

Tricolor everywhere!

Breathtaking Eiffel.

Especially stunning at night and so fun to walk around the Trocadero with all the other people.

Speaking of people, it was packed at the Sacre Coeur. We especially enjoyed watching a security guard chase away a guy who was trying to sell cold beers out of a cardboard box.

Quite stunning and nice to visit a different area of Paris.

The Orsay Museum is in an old train station. It was one of my favorite things during the trip.

We climbed the Eiffel Tower and Claire pointed out the shadow of the tower.

This is the door to our Paris apartment. Isn't it lovely?

We hit all the major land marks.

This street magician pulled Benjamin from the crowd to join him for a silly dance routine. Benjamin stole the show! He is such a performer.

More shots of the courtyard at our apartment.

We were located in the Latin Quarter and we loved walking through the neighborhood every day.

We climbed to the bell tower at Notre Dame. I love this shot of the gargoyle and the Eiffel Tower in the distance.

More photos on the way including an entire post about all the delicious things we ate.


Gerrie said...

What a wonderful trip and great memories for Claire and Benjamin.

Cathy Hetzel said...

Paris is such a beautiful place....looks like you and your family had a fantastic holiday......My hubby and I were there a couple of years ago......we stayed at a hotel....but the unit you stayed at looks great....could you please email me the name of it........thanks Cathy

Kristin L said...

OMG, there's more!? I can't wait! You guys really made the most of your time. I love, love, love that apartment! So Parisian. And what a stroke of luck to have been able to watch the Tour de France. It's quite fun and exciting to watch everyone - locals and tourists alike -- come out to cheer on the riders. I look forward to hearing about the food now. :-) Oh, and sign Benjamin up for some acting/performance lessons!

Vivien Zepf said...

I'm so glad you you had such a wonderful trip. I'm loving seeing all the sights. I've never visited for more than a passing few hours. Yes, please bring us a post about food!