Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Ben and Claire

Just a few snapshots...

It seems like it was years ago that the kids and I heard Mike Birbiglia tell his jackal story on This American Life. We love Birbiglia and re-telling and quoting the jackal story is a regular occurrence in our family. So, when he expanded the story into a movie, we HAD to go see it. In the story, the jackal has short little arms "because those are the scariest kind."

Like this:

Or maybe like this:

The movie was great. Ira Glass did a Q&A after the movie. Also great. Even greater: Jeff and I are going to see Birbiglia live next week!

 I just love these two pictures of Claire -- they are sort of "day in the life of..."

Apparently she had French homework.

Claire is the most reliable dog walker in our family. Lincoln is hoping!
At this exact moment, I'm a bit overwhelmed with various stuff. So, it's nice to think about fun memories and simple moments.

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Kristin L said...

Lincoln is so cute.