Thursday, September 06, 2012

Care to Share Your Opinion?

We were so thrilled with our first ArtBox CSA that we are launching another series! It will be released at the end of October. I've been pondering what direction to go for my pieces in the collection. So I thought it might be fun to take some input from YOU!

Just to refresh, ArtBox CSA is  a new and exciting way to purchase a collection of art from several different artists at once. Each ArtBox includes a piece of original art from each of eight artists and gives you an opportunity to build a collection of art at a great price.

Here's my collection from the first series. All the artwork in the ArtBox is 8x8 inches and mounted on 1.5 inch deep canvas. 

So, here are the three options I'm considering. Remember, they'd be just 8x8 and inspired by these styles and techniques -- not exactly like these pieces.

This is what I call my Stacked Shrine Composition. It's an abstract collage with various fabrics, sheers and stitching. This particular piece is called Ikat Gathered and was one of the samples in my dvd workshop, Contemporary Fabric Collage.

Let's call this Abstract + Object. The background would be a simple, abstract, fused compostion and I'd include a silhouette of some object as the focal point. Stitching, painting and embellishments would be added on top. This is one of the small chair pieces I gave to each of the 12x12 artists. An Abstract + Object series for the ArtBox wouldn't include a chair... maybe a mug, lamp, ladder, bird... 

The last option is a Collaged Landscape. This piece is called Blue and Gold. It includes several strips of fabric suggesting wheat, hills and sky. Tons of paint and stitching gives it texture.

So, I'm at your whim... what do you think?

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Amalia Teresa Parra Morusiewicz said...

Why deny the chair? That image evokes rest, comfort, simplicity and peacefulness - who wouldn't want that?

Natalya Khorover Aikens said...

all great choices!