Monday, June 18, 2012

On the Lake

More pictures and memories from our visit to NY.

My parents live on Lake Ontario. The lake is right in the back yard, just down the wooden steps. Benjamin had a great time wading and trying to catch minnows with a strainer.

Claire wasn't feeling very well for the first couple days of our visit. Just sitting on the deck with Grandma and Lincoln and a book was fine for her.

Benjamin and Grandpa getting the fire ready for smores -- which we make every summer!

See all the fixings spread out on the tray?

We also always visit Bye's Popcorn. This is just a simple roadside popcorn stand that has been in business for 89 years. Just four things on the menu: plain, caramel, caramel with peanuts and caramel with cashews. I had caramel with peanuts and it was so good!

Grandpa and Benjamin rode the tandem bike to the regular Wednesday morning breakfast with the men from church.

We brought our regular bikes too and we rode nearly everyday of our trip -- through and around the orchards, cabbage fields, soybeans, migrant houses, apple packing plants, wineries, marinas, shoreline...
Such a lovely place to visit with some of my very favorite people.

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Gerrie said...

You have been in my old stomping grounds! I lived in Sodus - my first job out of college.