Wednesday, March 21, 2012

STITCHED Tutorial Round Up!

I've finished up a few major projects recently, so I've got a bit of free time and I am so inspired by the STITCHED tutorials.  If you've got a free hour or so, I bet you can find an inspiring project among these great tutorials.

How about some stitching?!

Remember I did a video tutorial about writing on fabric? Thanks for all your enthusiastic comments on that. You're the best!

Paula's Easter inspired tutorial includes stitching on paper! 

So many great ideas for printing fabric with found objects from Jackie. (LOVING her style!) 

Super cute honey-bee embroidery, plus tiny fabric appliques.

Excellent template for a fabric pendant. Lots of possibilities for your own design inspiration here.
Cindy Caraway 

Totally easy, comprehensive directions for creating your own oven mitt. (Seriously, I should do this. The mitt I usually use has HOLES in it! Dangerous.)

I love love love these paper buttons. They are so easy, shiny and fun. Plus I can think of lots of ways to personalize them and use them in various creations!

And over the next few days...
March 22nd: Tracie 
March 27th: Alma
March 29th: Ann Tucker

The artists who have created each of these tutorials are all instructors at STITCHED, an online collection of 20 creative workshops incorporating fabric, stitching, sewing and mixed media in all kinds of fantastic ways. Students have access to all 20 workshop for all of 2012 for only $89. Plus, there are three new workshops being added in the next couple of months. Depending when you register, you could actually be getting 23 workshops for the same price.

So, if you like the spirit and style of these tutorials, I know you'll love STITCHED. Let me know if you have any questions. Or get more info and register here.

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