Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Lunch with Joanne

Earlier in July, I took a trip to Maine. I think it's my fourth trip back since we moved in 2005. I really love so many things about Maine. Joanne and I were just becoming friends around the time I moved, but we've stayed in touch via blogs and email and my every-so-often visits.

My first stop was lunch at the Sea Dog Brewery with Joanne. She went early to snag us a perfect table on the deck. Here she is looking through my 12x12 Color Play series.

The famous Brunswick Green Bridge was just over our shoulders. I just love this view.

Joanne showed me her entire 12x12 collection. It's quite impressive. She has such a strong personal style and yet the collection shows some growth and development. Over four years, you would expect that, of course!

I also shared some in-progress pieces and Joanne gave me some excellent suggestions. Someone who give excellent critique and is a good friend is a treasure!

Here are more pictures of the green bridge from later in my visit. I walked across the bridge and enjoyed views on both sides.
This is the building which includes the restaurant where we had lunch.

On the opposite side of the bridge is a dam and lots of interesting rocks, water and birds. I thought that line in the rock disappearing down into the water was pretty cool.

Texture, color, line...

More pictures from Maine including the Frayed Edges exhibit at the Camden library coming soon.


gousley said...

I will be looking for that green bridge to show up in your work soon!

Vivien Zepf said...

Excellent news that you could spend time with a friend. It's a wonderful treat, isn't it?