Monday, April 04, 2011


I had such a wonderful time with the Dallas Area Fiber Artists last week. Really, it was just fantastic.

I taught a workshop titled "Techniques and Truths: Inspired by the 12x12 Art Quilt Challenge." I wanted the participants to get a taste of lots of different experiences including creating art to a theme. At the beginning of the day, we brainstormed several ideas for themes.

Then we went to work exploring various techniques including surface design using handwriting as a graphic element. Here's Jo doing some excellent work.Eventually we got to composing 12x12 art quilts. Here are Mary's in-progress pieces. She was working on the theme "tsunami."

Here is Sherrie working with a beautiful collection of surfaced designed fabrics.
At the DAFA program meeting on Monday evening, all of the women standing at the front of the room shared the pieces they had created in the workshop.
It was absolutely exhilarating and quite humbling to see these thirteen participants share their work and talk about the "nuggets of inspiration" they took away from the workshop. I really love when artists find a way to work independently and yet generate a collaborative spirit. Of course, that has been one of the many experiences I've enjoyed as part of the 12x12 group. I'm eager to share it with others!

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Kristin L said...

I'm so glad your workshop went well. It's always so nice to be able to feed, and be fed off of, the creativity of others. :-)