Monday, November 29, 2010


Happy day!
Isn't that just the funniest thing? Benjamin and I discovered it while on a walk in my parents' neighborhood. We visited them in NY for Thanksgiving.

We kicked off the visit with pumpkin cupcakes. Yum!
With maple cream cheese frosting and crushed Heath bar on top. Yes, please!

We also had some fun with Play Doh. Claire made a lion/kitty.
Benjamin made the Statue of Liberty.

Jeff is the pie guy in our family. Look at this funny recommendation from the old cook book he was using. You must zoom in to read this!He made beautiful scalloped edges and lots of extra crust to bake with cinnamon sugar for nibbling. These extras were cut with Grandma's wavy edge rotary cutter. (???!!!)

My dad carved the turkey, which was delicious. Lincoln's begging did not go unrewarded. He got some scraps.
We love the basics: turkey, green beans, mashed potatoes, gravy and stuffing.

That placemat was made by my great grandmother, Mabel. My parents have a set in white and I have a set in cream. Treasures, to be sure.

On Thanksgiving night we watched Punkin Chunkin' on the Discovery Channel. Apparently there is a huge competition in Delaware where people build elaborate machines to throw pumpkins into a field.

So the next day, Claire and Benjamin did a little backyard engineering.

By the way, see that field in the background? Claire and I hiked around a bit back there. In the past apple trees, corn and soy beans have been planted there. We found some golf balls and Lincoln loved racing around.

When we were getting ready to drive home on Saturday morning, I could not find my camera. These punkin chunkin pictures were the last I recalled taking, so I knew I had to go look in the field. After walking around for about 10 minutes scanning the ground, I found it! Now, that's something to be thankful for!


Gerrie said...

We have a tree in our neighborhood with a deformed bulge. Someone painted it green and it looks like a turtle clinging to the tree.

Jeff makes pies? My kinda guy.

I thought the Punkin' Chunkin' was pretty funny.

margaret said...

Never thought of using a rotary cutter for pastry, LOL! Hope you didn't cut through the pastry mat!

Sarah Ann Smith said...

Yes....we (meaning I) made "tail ends" with cinnamon, sugar and butter, then I remembered I had forgotten to cut the leaves for the edge of the pie! No wonder we had so many of the tail ends! Now... if you found your camera, can you find my mind?

HUGS, Sarah

Michele said...

We are Punkin Chunkin' fans too! What fun! Sounds like you had a nice Thanksgiving.