Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Around DC with Grandma and Grandpa

We enjoyed wonderful visits with both sets of grandparents over the past week or so. Jeff's parents came to visit the week before Thanksgiving. This was their first trip to our new home. They visited Annapolis many times when Jeff was a Midshipman, so it's pretty cool to be back 20 years later and visit his office now that he is on the faculty.

Here is Claire studying one of the many many amazing doors at the National Cathedral.
Here's Benjamin running through the hall to the bookstore/gift shop.
We stopped by one of our favorite monuments. Here's Albert Einstein in front of the National Science Foundation.

Claire and Benjamin enjoyed studying the star map on the floor at the base of the statue. It marks the stars as they were on the day of Albert's birth. Very cool.
We had a lovely brunch just down the street from the cathedral.
There were crayons on the table, so I did my lines for the day.
We also enjoyed a great day watching Navy football!
Pictures from the visit with the other grandparents coming soon!


Sarah Ann Smith said...

I used to eat lunch at the Einstein memorial as it was just a stone's throw from the State Dept. where I worked. Also loved going over to the "duck pond" in Constitution Gardens. When I rode my bike to work, I'd leave an extra 10 minutes early and take my "beauty detour" down the length of the reflecting pool (the WW2 memorial wasn't there back then), around through the duck pond area, then to the stoplight near the Einstein to cross Constitution Avenue and head up to work! Cheers, Sarah

Melly Testa said...

While I know the point was to visit with family, I appreciate your dedication.

Michele said...

We took my sons to visit Annapolis two years ago when our friends were living in DC. It was their first visit...lots of fun! We were able to go to a football game too. Go Navy!