Friday, January 01, 2010


I love the traditional foods that we enjoy during the holidays. In fact, I have a separate envelope in my recipe binder that is full of the family favorites.

Of course we had cranberry pudding. I've blogged about it many times in the past (including way back to 2005).

Benjamin made a special dinner for Lincoln one evening. It was a big hit!
The kids gave Jeff a fondue pot for Christmas. We tested it out with a delicious cheese fondue. This new electric pot is a huge improvement over the sterno one we had when we lived in Florida and nearly burned the house down.

We celebrated Jeff's mom's birthday on New Year's Eve with lobster! We've done this a few times before -- so I guess it's also a tradition. A good one, I think!

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Amy said...

I love all our family food traditions too. Lots of good stuff with a bit of "weird" sprinkled here and there. Happy New Year, my friend!