Monday, October 19, 2009

12 Round Up

Wasn't that poll fun? You can scroll down for the specific results, but three quilts rose to the top. Seven Houses Five Trees (12 theme) had 12 votes and She Sits to Dream (chair theme) and Fractal Tree (math theme) each had 11 votes. Very close. I think you all have excellent taste. My favorites are certainly among these top choices.I would also agree that Attached Disconnected (community theme) is the least successful of the bunch. Not a single vote. Not from me either. Yuck. I'm not even going to link to a larger image. No need to waste your time looking at it.

I don't like Fractal Tree as much as most people seem to like it. It's fine. I like the concept. I love the little red Chinese inspired chop. But, it's not fully me. I'm glad you like it though.

I like Palm more than is reflected in the poll. Only one vote for that piece. I love the negative hand image created with freezer paper and paint.

I also love The Fourth Day. It was published in Quilting Arts magazine and kicked off my whole series of illuminated art quilts. That makes it a personal favorite.

I love the looseness of She Sits to Dream. I keep telling myself to loosen up, but it doesn't always happen.

I love the stone section in Cedar and Stone. You'll see that again, I'm sure.

But, my "favorite".... I think it's Seven Houses Five Trees. I guess I built up all the good stuff through the whole project and found a way to put it together in just the right way for the final quilt.

Of course, it's not really the final quilt. We've begun a new series called "color play." Each theme will be related to color. The first theme is Pink. It will be revealed on 12/12.

Have you been reading the award presentations on the 12x12 blog? They are so fun!

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