Wednesday, February 04, 2009


I've got some wonderful new additions to my studio... mostly birthday gifts. How did I get so lucky with such generous and talented friends and family? I'm very thankful for each of them!

Kathy sent me a super cute stuffed bird with a beaded crown. I didn't get a picture, but you can see more of the flock here. Kathy also sent a box of hand-stamped tags and other paper goodies. Perfect to add to my box of stationery and such.My friend Connie gave me a wonderful little album to fill with ATCs from all my arty friends. Connie made the machine felted ATC with the red orange heart that I slipped into the first page.

You can see I was listening to the Jay and Jack Lost podcast on my iPhone. I love podcasts. I love my iPhone. I love Lost. (Spoiler alert.... I was so happy to see Jin last night!)

Kate sent these fantastic embellished clothes pins. I'm going to hang a rope in the laundry room and use them to clip up the kids' artwork. (She got the idea from Betz White's blog!)

Jeff was in Savannah last week and brought me this beautiful sunflower painting.

Look at all the texture and dimension. The artist said it takes 6 to 8 weeks to dry! Can you imagine? That's a lot of paint.The artist is Vicci Waits. Jeff told me that he had a hard time picking between three paintings. The sunflowers, another of a red door and an entry way and another of little houses on a hill. He knows I love all these images. He chose well. We have wonderful memories of fun times in the Sunflower State.

Oh and there was a fantastic cake!
Michelle was inspired by Ace of Cakes and actually made her own fondant to decorate this cake inspired by my Garden Letters quilt that appeared in Somerset Studio. You can see the image of the quilt in the background or here. How cool is that?! Delicious, too.


Kristin L said...

Yum, cake! I'm so glad to see Jin back too, but he's in the wrong "When." It will be interesting to see how or if he gets to the right time. I'd like to see the older Danielle too, nice to see her character again. Your goodies are wonderful too. i like the little ATC book -- looks cute and practical.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!! and fabulous gifties!!