Saturday, January 17, 2009


During January, the adult Sunday School class at my church is having "Coffee and Conversation" on a variety of topics. Tomorrow we are talking about art. I've been asked to share some of my artwork and talk a bit about my life as an artist.

I'll be sharing my series of quilts that are inspired by illuminated manuscripts, including this piece.
It's titled "Grow Illuminated." That's just a detail shot. You'll be seeing this and more of the series soon. (Of course, more illumination quilts here.)

I asked the Sunday School coordinator to give me a couple of talking points that I might consider as I prepare. Here's what she said:

Tell us in what way God led you into this vocation.
How is God revealed in your work?
In what way does God guide you through the work?
What have you learned about God through this work?

Pretty heavy stuff, don't you think? I'm a bit overwhelmed. A bit of prayer will be necessary.

I don't blog about faith and church too often. Maybe I should. Then I could just check my archives and figure out what to say tomorrow morning.

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momma helen said...

Fantastic! Our Lenten Program will be "Created in the Image of the Creator God" (or something slightly less clunky).
Each week, a different artist will share 10-15 minutes about spirituality and their art, then they will lead us in a 30 minute hands-on exploration of their art form.