Sunday, January 18, 2009


Ok, now that the Sunday School event is behind me, it's time to move on to other projects. (It was delightful. It feels like such an honor to share my work and ideas. Really, such a privilege. I received lots of lovely compliments and plans may be in the works to have a show of members' artwork.)

Speaking of other projects. What have I gotten myself into?

Project 1
School Quilt Project
I agreed to coordinate a quilt project for our school. The art teacher has a budget of only $300 for supplies for the entire school for the entire year. We've got nearly 500 kids in our school. So, obviously, that's in adequate. I don't understand why the budget works the way it does. (Nor do I really want to investigate that.) But, we've decided to make some quilts which will be auctioned in the spring. The money we earn will be added to the supply budget for the following year.

We're focusing on the fourth grade. Each fourth grade class will create a small art quilt with fused applique. We start this week. I've already purchased fabric, batting and thread... but we've got yards and yards that need to be pre-fused. So that's the first step.

I'll keep you posted.

Project 2
Birds of Change Exchange
I signed up for Regina's Birds of Change exchange. I will be making five small fiber birds to swap with other artists all over the blog-o-sphere. Here's what Regina said, "I've thinking a lot about the new year and the many new, exciting and unknown changes to come. I want to approach the new year as positively as possible. I thought that maybe these birds might help serve as reminders throughout the year to be hopeful, positive and open."

We'll I'm certainly on board with that! Regina has also invited swappers to offer a bird as a give-away on their blogs on January 20 to celebrate the change that will be occurring in our country on that day. Check my blog on Tuesday!

Project 3
Hmmmm. Yes, the Twelve by Twelves quilts will be revealed on February 1.

So, why am I sitting here at the computer? Seriously. I need some help with time management.

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Anonymous said...

I have also been spending way too much time fiddling around in my computer chair. Gotta get back to the sewing chair soon.

Best wishes for those projects.