Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I am so lucky to have such very generous, creative, inspirational friends. Here are just a few of the wonderful gifts I received this Christmas.

A fabulous garland made from recycled wool sweaters (I assume) by Kate. I just love it... especially those square stacks of wool pieces.


You know how I feel about trees and houses, right?

A spectacular pin cushion made by Lu. You can't really tell the scale in this photo. It's pretty big.. about 4 or 5 inches tall, I think. You know how I feel about the green and the purple, right?


Connie made the wonderful little angel hanging on the left. She's joining lots of other goodies that are always right there to inspire me. Hannah also gave me that lovely leaf tile.


Hannah also used recycled sweaters to make this fantastic owl. Isn't he so cute?! Robin blogged about handmade owl Christmas ornaments recently. I guess they are all the rage. I am so happy to have this one!


Sarah painted wonderful mini lobster buoys for the Frayed Edges. This beautiful winter scene reminds me of many wonderful days in Maine. You can see her signature along the horizon... I really love that added detail.


Sarah blogged about her inspiration here and here.

I got lots of other wonderful gifts too. I feel very lucky.


Jane LaFazio said...

Hi Deborah, wow you raked in the gifts! LOVE that garland especially...all beautiful things. I'm a friend of Melly's and since you and I were both mentioned on her blog, I thought I'd come over and say hello!

Jeri is said...

Deborah, I love those little stacks of wool, too. Can you tell us how they were made?