Monday, October 27, 2008

Warms and Cools

I've been working diligently on an exciting new series. Here are just a few tastes.


That red/orange/yellow is so far out of my color comfort zone.

So I had to go back to greens and (almost) purples.


Don't ask me about the two and a half days I wasted trying to make a terrible idea work.


Kristin L said...

At least you're working (even if it wasn't so successful for a few days) -- that's more than I can say.

Jeannie said...

I like the teasers that you have shown, especially the red/orange combo. As Kristin said, at least you are in the studio and going out of your comfort zone. Have a great week. Cheers.

Gerrie said...

I saw that red and I thought - Oh, no she didn't? I love it. I love that you are working outside your comfort zone. Well, I love red. It needs some green!! Ha!

Melody Johnson said...

For some reason the red picture on top doesn't come up for me. Hmmm?

Terry Grant said...

Oh yeah, RED! Can't tell you how many hours and days I have spent trying to make a terrible idea work!

Anonymous said...

Love the red! And sometimes terrible ideas left on the back burner turn out great!!


kathy said...

only two and a half days?:) Just look at it as PLAY, like everyone says you're supposed to do! You should see the disaster in my sewing room from my 'play'. I can't seem to get my head around how to put it all together. I DO love the colors in both of these, though you have to work with what hits that inner spot.