Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Halloween!

I'm leaving on Friday morning to go to the International Quilt Festival in Houston, so I'll miss the Halloween festivities. (If you're in Houston too, please track me down to say "hi!") Luckily, we had a super fun event at church on Sunday night so the kids dressed up for that.

We're going with an Egyptian theme this year.


The living dead!




Such a beauty.




And the night before, Jeff and I went to a "grown ups" party. Yes, we made good use of the costumes this year.


I went through a TON of glue sticks!


Hope you see lots of clever costumes at your door tonight!


Gerrie said...

These are all fabulous costumes.

Say hi to all my friends who are in Houston. Boo hoo. Some year, maybe, I will make it.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the Egyptians will be having a good time! I too am leaving for the Quilt Fest this morning in about an hour or so (hubby is going with me this year). If I recognize you, I will say hi!

kathy said...

OMG! Watch out for Claire....yikes, we just got a glimpse of what she'll look like in a few years...

Myra said...

Wow! Those costumes are awesome and Claire is a beauty! Happy Halloween!

suzietee said...

My sister was a mummy one year. My mom forgot to leave a trap door for emergencies. Of course, right after she was all wrapped she needed a bathroom. Looks like your costume comes in two pieces.

Michelle said...

Gorgeous costumes! And Claire is beautiful!

You all looked great!

.kp. said...

How FUNNY! Savannah was a mummy and Peyton was Cleaopatra as well - since we have been on the Egypt unit for our studies.

Fabulous costumes!

Nikki said...

Love the costumes. You were much more organize with your mummies. Mine was just how fast can I wrap cloth around a moving five year old. I figured the ragged look was appropriate. Only problem was it was looking rather ragged before we even got out the door.

Elin said...