Saturday, October 11, 2008


Every other year there is a pumpkin decorating contest at the kids' school. Look at the fabulous entries that Claire and Benjamin came up with this year!

Here is Claire's entry. I just think this is very very funny. (We saw the idea online, so it's not completely original.)


Benjamin wanted to make a "Kirby" pumpkin. Apparently, Kirby is the "super tuff pink puff" star of some new video game. We don't have this game, but Benjamin and his friends think it sounds fantastic.


Here is an official picture of Kirby. Pretty amazing likeness, don't you think? Claire said that lots of her fourth grade friends were very impressed.


A group of teachers pick a winning pumpkin from each grade level and they are all displayed at the Fall Festival. Claire won her grade level! (Long time readers will remember that Claire won her grade level when she was in second grade also. Read about that here.)

Attendees at the Fall Festival can vote for their favorite of the winning pumpkins with tickets.


What kindergartner doesn't love a pink princess?! And what 1st grader doesn't love a freaky multi-eyed spider?


Familiar... but teenier.


Very clever! That stem piece was supposed to be his mouth.


Here is the fifth grade entry. Several fifth grade boys were able to lobby loud enough to get enough tickets to win the contest. Good for them!


Benjamin wore his costume to the event last night. We're planning to make some kind of head wrap before Halloween.


Here is my variation on Claire's pumpkin.



Deanna said...

Those are all so clever!

I especially love yours!

Kristin L said...

I'm so out of it, I thought Benjamin's was the Pokemon JigglyPuff. That must be so last year! I can't believe there are elementary school kids that know PacMan -- I'd vote for theirs even if they didn't lobby loudly!

Gerrie said...

That last photo would have had me spewing coffee if it had been morning. Did you ever see Mrs. Mel's photo of a pumpkin vomiting its innards - that could work! She actually used it in a slide show for how she felt after Bush won again.

Julie Zaccone Stiller said...

Very clever pumpkins all around, and I love how the costume preview too. The last photo is like looking at my own expression in the mirror, captures the fear exactly!

Jules said...

I love the original and the variation. And, yes, we have heard of Kirby here, too. We don't have the game, either.

Melly Testa said...

very funny! and of course your children are as creative as you are!

Anonymous said...

Your daughter has a warped sense of humour.....I love that in a person!! And, judging from the last photo, she comes by it honestly!! I kept hoping SP would get hit in the head with a puck at the Flyers/Rangers game last week....or at least fall on her ass after she dropped the opening puck.

You have two pretty talented kids there!!


Anonymous said...

Bwaaa! I got such a kick out of this entry. Thanks for the laugh.

Kathy York said...

Hi Deborah!
I was just strolling along, reading your entry, enjoying the creativity and cleverness of your children. Then I saw the last photo. I laughed so hard, I nearly fell out of my chair. Thank you!


Mary-Frances said...

Love the pumpkins and I have to say the last frame gave me a giggle too! :)

.kp. said...

oh seriously? that was hysterical! and you know i like sarah. so dang funny. i nearly "blew" coffee too. i am showing doug as soon as he gets in here. you CRACK me up!

tell the kids fab pumpkins. i am so impressed.

Terry Grant said...

Love the pumpkins and love how you repurposed Claire's pumpkin! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!

Anonymous said...

LOVE that last photo!
Jenny :)

Anonymous said...

Jiggly puff IS so last year.. its all about kirby this year.