Wednesday, September 17, 2008

More Maine!

After an evening with Hannah and her family, I got to visit Joanne and Riley! I was greeted by this lovely cairn at the driveway.


Joanne made wonderful blueberry muffins with berries right from her garden. Fabulous. Isn't the polish pottery fantastic?!


This picture isn't very artistic. But, it was delicious. That little plastic container at the back had pieces of cheese for Riley.

I. Can. Not. Believe. I. Did. Not. Take. A. Picture. Of. Riley.

I did take one of me and Joanne.


We had a great time. I especially enjoyed sharing artwork. I brought all my 12x12s and she shared hers. Joanne is "playing along" with the 12x12 themes and her quilts were just amazing. There is no substitute for viewing fiber art in real life. Joanne gives excellent constructive criticism. (This is often lacking among artists who just want to be enthusiastic and supportive. Not that there is anything wrong with that.)

Joanne shared a lightbulb moment in discovering this wonky, abstract, sporadic stitching from the back of a piece she was working on. On the front were dainty, somewhat carefully placed x's. Interesting. I couldn't certainly use that!


After touring Joanne's amazing garden, I picked up a sandwich at Wild Oats bakery... one of my favorite Brunswick bakeries. I had curried chicken salad.


I also picked up a box of cookies from this amazing selection. Isn't that a lovely little flower arrangement? Such a nice spot.


Speaking of cairns...

These were behind Nastasha's studio. (The Frayed Edges took a workshop with Natasha while I was visiting.)


She called them "inukshuk" and fell in love with them on a trip to Quebec. (I think.) After returning from the trip, Natasha asked her husband to use the pick up truck to drag a bunch of rocks from behind the shed out to the edge of their meadow. Now these structures frame their property and the view. Lovely.


Natasha's husband's pickup came in handy for us later in the day. More on that soon. Ahem.


Anonymous said...

Riley is soooooooooo cute, she reminds me of Isaac or Sadie! :) Lucy

Jules said...

I love the inukshuk. Very cool. Thanks for taking us on your trip to Maine.