Monday, September 15, 2008


I had an excellent outing to a couple of thrift stores last week. I haven't done the thrift thing in a long time. Why? I found so much good stuff.

Well, now that I look at it, it's not a huge haul, but everything is a treasure.


How cool is that bag? Green leather. I think I'd like to paint it. What kind of paint do you use on leather?

And books! Jackpot. I picked up a Jon Scieszka book called "Glasses: Who Needs 'Em?!" I just like his style and one of his other books, Stinky Cheese Man, remains one of my favorites. Then there is a textbook from 1958 called All Around Us. Here is the image that sold me (the housewife in front of the fan). Oh, sigh.


It's full of super retro images. I'll probably use it for collage.

I grabbed Love That Dog because it looked somewhat familiar. Wow. Claire and I both read it and we loved it. It is totally unique. It's written in the style of a journal written by an elementary school boy. Except all the entries are actually poems about his study of poetry. Some of his entries include thoughts about poems he has studied in school like Frost's Stopping By the Woods (which is included in the back of the book). The boy changes his entire attitude about poetry and shares some amazing thoughts and experiences. It's quite humorous too. And it takes about 27 minutes to read. Add it to your list to check out at the library. You'll probably find it in the Children's Section.

And then....

This is amazing. I'm still stunned.

I found The Lace Reader. I heard the author interviewed on Diane Rheme several weeks ago and thought the book sounded great. As soon as I got home, I logged on to our library website and put a hold on the book. There were already EIGHT holds on the book. I knew I wouldn't see it for months! It's a new release and only in hard cover. I got it for $2.49.

But wait, there's more. When I turned it over to see what the back cover looked like, there was a recommendation from Marisa de los Santos! She is the author of the book that I just finished that I ADORED! And under her recommendation was a recommendation from Joshilyn Jackson. Hello!?! Another of my favorite authors. Kismit.

And a super cool etched dragon stein. Benjamin loves it. I love it too.


I am regretting not buying the Born brown shoes that I found. But they were $25. Too pricey for thrift. But, tomorrow is half price day. I might have to return.


Kristin L said...

Fun stuff! We're big fans of the Stinky Cheese Man here too. You might also want to check out "Seen Art?" and "The true Story of teh Three Little Pigs."

Jean Canavan said...

Hi Deborah,
I've painted on leather with liquid acrylic paint. Then spray with polyurathene. It works well!

Terry Grant said...

Great finds! I love the housewife with the fan too--sweet image.

Elin said...

That housewife is hot. And I do mean that in a Paris Hilton way.

Melly Testa said...

great stuff! I would be happy too, love the mug.