Thursday, July 10, 2008


I admit that I browse through Etsy way too often. I just tell myself I'm doing it to gather inspiration. (Which is mostly true.) Imagine my delight when I saw one of my pieces in the Treasury on the front page!


(This image isn't from the actual front page, but you get the idea.) The Treasury includes all kinds of wonderful fiber art and stitchy goodness. It's called The Stitch Itch and was created by La Pomme Stories. (Doesn't she have a lovely shop?!) My small art quilt is on the lower left and is titled Stitched Horizon.

To celebrate this fun event, I'll offer free shipping on any purchase in my shop through this weekend. Happy shopping. Just wait for a revised PayPal invoice with the shipping charges removed.

Check out some other shops too, but don't blame me if you get sucked into all kinds of fantastic handmade art.


Deanna said...

I love all those art quilts! I'm a little partial to house shapes, too. :-)

Kristin L said...

Ravenhill just posted that she was featured and I recognized your piece on her screen shot. I came right over to spread the news, but you're on top of things. :-) Yippee for stitchy goodness!