Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Field Trip

I was having so much trouble with my 12x12 "Illumination" piece, I decided to take a field trip to The Getty Museum in Los Angeles for some inspiration.


Jeff and the kids came along.


The manuscripts in the Imagining Christ exhibit were amazing and it feels like such a privilege to view such significant, ancient works. But, not exactly inspiring for my style of work. Oh well.

I did love this piece. It's a Roman wall fragment from about 100 AD.


I love the contrast of the horizontal/vertical composition and the symmetry mixed with just a few spots of asymmetry.

The best news about my progress on the 12x12 piece is that after of day of fussing with various ideas and elements, I've decided I have to scrap it all and start over completely. Disappointment mixed with relief and new energy.


Kristin L said...

Hey, you're in my 'hood. I grew up at the intersection of the 405 and the 101, just downhill from the museum. Did you meet up with Karen? Where did you eat? What else did you do? i need to live vicariously...

Oh, and cool that you are energized about the project.

Gerrie said...

You can tell Kristin was from SoCal because she refers to freeways as the followed by number!!

I would love to see that exhibit - woo! Lucky you.

I have drawn my design and selected fabrics. I am in my groove.