Friday, May 02, 2008

Pretty Pillow

Remember those composition exercises I did in the Katie Pasquini-Masopust workshop a couple of weeks ago? I actually "finished" a little piece. Here is the new pillow on the bed in the guest room.


Just in time for my parents, who are visiting this week! Nothing too fancy, but a nice little addition.

Katie had tons of pre-fused fabric for the workshops -- which was wonderful for efficient work!


She used Heat and Bond. Now I remember why I prefer Wonder Under. Of course, these projects were meant to be just exercises. In fact, most students fused them to paper. I fused them to parchment paper, because I just hate the idea of "wasting" potential art by fusing it to paper. Since my little compositions were fused to parchment, I was able to just peel this design off the parchment and fuse it to some batting. I added a bit of quilting and then sewed it to the pillow fabric.

I didn't have quite enough extra fabric around the composition to turn under the edges. I think it would have looked better with a cleaner edge. Oh well. I'm also not complete confident that all the teeny tiny pieces will hold with the Heat and Bond.

But, I like the blues. I like the very simple, serene composition. I like the piping I added to the edge. (Not my favorite tedious sewing process.) And I like that it's done!

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Sarah Ann Smith said...

Deborah... it looks wonderful! Well done! Cheers, Sarah