Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Don't Go In The Water

Claire's class has been studying sharks. Parents were invited to help dissect sharks last week. It was so fun! The specimens were dog sharks, about a foot and a half long.


The school district required the kids to wear goggles. And they were not allowed to use the scalpels. Moms got to do the cutting!


We found several organs quite easily. There were other parts that were harder to identify. One group found tiny shrimp in the shark's stomach. Yum! I've always loved dissection. There really is no substitute for learning about the body. A picture in a text book is just not the same.


The kids (and the parents) learned a lot. Maybe some of these third graders are already planning their applications for veterinary school.

**Thanks for all your suggestions about uploading pictures. You are probably right. My pictures are too big. But I just hate to take the extra step of resizing the pictures. (I know. Lazy.) I've downloaded Windows Live Writer and I'm composing this post in the new software. I can actually drag and drop pictures into the post. We'll see how easy it is to upload.


Kristin L said...

Cool! I remember disecting a frog (with scalpel, sans goggles or gloves) in about 6th grade. It was incredible! My "lab" partner even eventually went on to become a doctor.

Unknown said...

Deborah, I've sometimes had problems with uploading my pictures and I've found that if I wait for a different time of day that usually helps. I'm guessing either its a traffic thing, or it's a complete fluke. I also used to use Picasa to edit my pictures and I noticed that cuts the picture size down. Hope you figure it out! Robin

merete said...

I do hope it went well with Live Writer, - the post looks great and the photos are not large files as I see it.
If you just can drag and drop them into the posts... that's supereasy!

We didn't have disecting at school in my time, only flowers, and that's not the same.
But my father let us do the fish when we were fishing, so I guess that did it for me :-)