Friday, April 04, 2008


I did a bunch of cleaning in my studio last week, including getting all these bins organized. That's all the stuff I use most often. In fact, the open box on the shelf second from the bottom is the stuff I use MOST often, so it doesn't even have a lid. (scissors, measuring tape, chalk pencil) Everything has it's place. (Well, not everything, but at least the stuff on these shelves.) On the top is the guardian angel that Kathy made me. So special.

And I hung up "Construction: Concrete and Stone."
Um, yes, I put the chair on top of the desk and stood on it in order to reach high enough. Don't tell my kids. I would not be happy to find them doing the same thing.
Getting everything really straightened up allowed me to finish the 12x12 project and get my fabric jewelry submitted for the upcoming Lark book.
Of course, it's already messy again. Sigh.


Gerrie said...

Your construction piece looks really great on the wall. It is a pain being short, isn't it?

Pam said...

Deborah - your organization efforts look great - it makes the space so calm and allows for great inspiration! PP

Anonymous said...

You have WALLS! My studio has sloping ceiling and windows, and on the shed dormer, two tiny triangles where I have stuff crammed... pieces from you and Kathy and Frances Caple and on the other end some etchings I've had and loved for years. The only other "wall" is my design wall, which isn't quite 6 x 7 feet (the top left corner is cut off by the roof)...

Some day I will have a studio that has WALLS. And a CLOSET. What a concept!

Nikki said...

My first thought when I saw the chair was "I hope the kids didn't see that!" Not that mine wouldn't think up the idea on their own.

Love the colors and your high ceilings!