Thursday, April 03, 2008

Mixed Media Book

Remember that I said I've been thinking about book making and paper lately? I made this book a couple of weeks ago.

It. Was. So. Fun. To. Make!

Here is the cover. Just cardboard with some stamped circles.Here is an inside page. I'm not showing you all the pages. Some are more interesting than others. I used all kinds of papers in all kinds of shapes and sizes.Here is a page made from a paper bag as in my "interactive journal." This book is similar to the journal in lots of ways, but messier -- in a good way.I guess I should find something to tuck into that pocket.I collaged a few magazine words and images here and there. I was sticking to a loose blue and green pallette. I just love how some pages peek out from behind other pages.There is fabric mixed in with the paper. More circles. I was totally inspired by DJ Pettit's books. I learned a lot of the construction and the order in which to complete each step. I would do some things differently next time. And there will be a next time.

Of course, it's just sitting on my studio table now. What will I do with it? I don't really do the whole "art journal" thing. I mean, as far as actually writing in it. I just enjoyed making it.


Kristin L said...

Don't think of it as an art journal -- just start using it. It will inspire even the most mundane jottings. :-)

Joanne S said...

Give it to your daughter. Let her add to it. Then send it to your sister. Your mom. Jeff's mom. Have fun. If they don't want to paint or draw--they can write in it everyday until it's full.

What to write? Tell a story.

Gerrie said...

What fun! Who cares if you don't use it. It is the journey, not the destination.

kathy said...

joanne had a great idea to send it along to several and see what happens! I'd say it would be much more fun to use than my plain white one. Did you see the altered books on my last post? Just for inspiration and fun...miss you.

Kyra said...

Wow - Neat idea for extra fabric pieces! Thanks!