Friday, March 07, 2008


Big fluffy flakes in the early afternoon, while the kids were still at school.They could hardly wait to go outside when they came home. Even Lincoln was excited.Claire went straight to work on a snowman.Progress. We don't have any proper snow boots any longer. Her feet must have been freezing. She didn't seem to mind.
This is about as far as she got yesterday afternoon.
The second snowman had fallen over by morning. You can see it's a bit unstable. Claire wanted to go out first thing this morning. We thought school might be cancelled or start late, but they had a regular schedule today. So I had to be the firm mother and insist that she eat breakfast and study for her spelling test before she went out to play -- and then only until the car pool arrives. She ate fast and spelled well. And off she went... collect this.
Can you see that big container filled with snow sitting in my freezer?
I suppose Texas continues to surprise me.


Amy said...

They gave us a snow day today...why I'm not sure. All the roads were clear this morning in our neighborhood, but I guess they were still in bad shape somewhere.

Claire's snowmen are wonderful! The boys were all about snow angels and only made one small snowman and then promptly plowed it over with a dump truck.

Joanna Stein said...

Remember when Dad would make us snow ice cream? You should do the same with the container in the freezer.

I'm sure that it was just sugar, vanilla and loads of green food coloring.

Say hi to the kids for us.

kathy said...

and Texas continues to surprise me too!