Monday, February 11, 2008


I am telling myself that I will have a productive day if I complete all the mundane items on my to do list.

Fold a mountain of laundry
Work on the paper work for my Tactile Architecture entry
Take the kids to get hair cuts
Pick up the mugs that we painted for my birthday
Mail an international order from my Etsy shop
Meet with a landscaping guy about doing something fabulous in the back yard
Return library books
Pick up a few neccessities from the grocery store
Check out a possible location for Benjamin's birthday party
Go to the Lent Dinner Theater at church tonight

Hopefully there will be something good to listen to on the radio while I'm driving all around town.


Gerrie said...

I'm tired just thinking about your list. That is why you have children when you are young and have lots of energy!!

momma helen said...

We have a Snow Day here. Our errands will have to wait.
So roll down your window and sing loudly to your favorite song in honor of us snow-bound folk.
Have a great day checking things off your list.