Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Lots of major book awards were announced on Monday. We, here at the Boschert House, are thrilled that Brian Selznick was awarded the Caldecott Medal for his brilliant book, The Invention of Hugo Cabret!

The Caledecott is the award for best illustrations. We are especially excited because Brian is coming to the Dallas Museum of Art in June and we already have tickets! Yippee! I hope the event sells out, now that he is an award winner! This choice is considered quite unconventional since the book is 550 pages -- including more than 300 pages of stunning pencil drawings. Generally, the Caldecott is awarded to "picture books," the kind of wonderful publications that are generally read to young children (but adults also love!). I read Hugo Cabret to Claire and Benjamin and we all adored it. It's a brilliant combination of mystery, treasure hunt, cinema, comic book and adventure.

I just discovered that The Invention of Hugo Cabret has its own website! How cool is that?

Now that I've gushed about the book, get ready for some snark.

Brian Selznick was "interviewed" by Ann Curry on the Today Show yesterday. (Also being interviewed is Laura Amy Schlitz winner of the Newberry Medal for Good Masters! Sweet Ladies!: Voices from a Medieval Village.) You may watch the clip here. (First you'll have to watch an annoying commercial. I'm sorry.) Ok, did you watch the clip? Is it just me, or is Ann Curry simply awful?! She drives me bananas.

She said Ms. Schlitz's name wrong -- twice. She constantly interrupted the guests. She asked obvious, uninsightful questions. Her enthusiasm is too sickly sweet and unnatural. And worst... she said to Brian, "You actually DREW these pictures?!" Um... yes! It's an award for illustrations!


We're also excited because Mo Willems was awarded a Caldecott Honor Medal for Knuffle Bunny Too.

We adore the original Knuffle Bunny and all of Mo's pigeon books. And guess what?! Mo is also coming to the Dallas Museum of Art and we have tickets for his event too. Seriously, I am so excited and thrilled. (I was excited and thrilled even before they were winners. ) I think I'm a bit of a book dork. And I intend to raise my kids to be book dorks too.

I just discovered that Mo has a blog. And please note that Mo was also awarded the Theodor Seuss Geisel Award for his book There is a Bird on Your Head. The Geisel Award is for books written for beginning readers. Double Hooray for Mo! And since we have a "beginning reader" here at our house, we'll add this to our library list.

The other 2008 Caldecott Honor Books are also on my library list. We're going right after school today! Add them to your list too. Even if you don't have kids -- they are quite inspiring and fun! Who doesn't love fun and inspiration?


momma helen said...

Oh Quilter Queen/Book Dork, does your family know about the wonderful quilts-turned-into-books by Aminah Robinson?

"A Street Called Home" is a long painting on fabric at the Columbus museum of art, but it's been turned into a neat accordion book. I just visited it today on an Artist's Date. Rich!

Gerrie said...

I have to see if M & M have that book. When I saw him on the Today Show, I knew we had to have it. I so agree about Ann Curry. She is just awful. Mr C and I can't understand how she gets to do so many interviews. She should stick to reading the news.

kathy said...

I heard them announcing hte winners on public radio and it made me want to read this delightful book and now I REALLY want to get my hands on it! Thanks for all the endorsements...

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for bringing these books to your readers' attention...mine included because I didn't have a clue.
I watched Brian being interviewed on the Hugo Cabret site, a completely different experience.

I don't know anything much about Ann Curry but she conducted a solo interview there! She wasn't encouraging any interaction at all and did you see the look she got from the female author Laura!!!!if looks could kill...she was so annoyed when Ann repeatedly said her name wrong then proceeded to ignore her, then mentions that Laura is giving her the 'bad' eyes!!! Brian just laughed it off, I think he caught on early and kind of shrugged her off inside. Oh well, maybe America should vote Ann for President, no one would love her because no one would have a voice but she might get the job done...LOL...

Terry Grant said...

Ah, c'mon you guys! I like Ann Curry! I'm biased for sure. She is from Ashland, Oregon, where I used to live and was on local TV there, then went on to the larger market in Portland, so she's really a hometown girl. She used to come into my quilt shop in Ashland with her mother, who is Japanese and speaks almost no English. She was so cute with no makeup and jeans and sweater and seemed very nice and very sweet with her Mom.

Jules said...

I just ordered both books from Amazon. Thanks for the recommendations.

Jules said...

I started Hugo Cabret with my seven year old this evening. We are loving it! And my 3 year old is convinced the new copy of Knuffle Bunny is going to school with her tomorrow. Thanks!