Friday, December 14, 2007

Gray Day

But still lovely. I went out for a quick errand and snapped some pictures along the way.

Hay bales. I love the colors and layers and patterns of this little slice of landscape.
Cows. Off balance and out of focus, but nice I think. I was driving, so you know... not focusing on the photography.

Add this to the *birds on a wire* design trend.
Oh you know I just love this! The repetition, the grid, the pattern, the muted colors. Of course, I have no idea what those huge concrete blocks are.

I arrived at my destination. Do you recognize it?
After all those gray pictures, I hope I don't shock you with this.If you weren't shocked by the bright colors and the super-blond smiling boy, surely you were shocked by the concept of "creamed smoked roe." Ummm, yuck. I didn't buy any.

I did buy this stuff.
That's a new set of basket/shelves for the studio. And some delicious ginger crisps. And some hangers. And a box of tags in various colors and sizes and a set of greeting cards.

I'm off to put together the shelves. It's time to get the studio cleaned up. No more piles. (Can you identify?)


kathy said...

I think the name on the shopping cart gives it away! How lucky you are to have one so close to you. Shelving, glassware, kids storage stuff, this place is the best. These pictures make me REALLY miss you...I think it's the everyday-ness of them, seeing art by the side of the road and TALKING about it!

Unknown said...

>It's time to get the studio cleaned up. No more piles. (Can you identify?)<

Oh yes I can identify with piles of fabrics that need sorting! Good luck! Helen

Anonymous said...

I was reading without really paying much attention to the shopping cart, then I read Ginger Biscuits and I thought....ahhhhah! It must be IKEA and it because that is just about my final purchase after the cashier, of course you must try the potato chips too, the sour cream to die from real (organic?) potatoes, in any case hand-fried!

Gerrie said...

Those photos are wonderful. The hay bales could be a Monet painting!!

momma helen said...

I think the things you love so much are...poop bins. They look suspiciously like septic tanks. ;)

What fun photos.

Melody Johnson said...

Yes! Septic Tanks! ha!
Melody, having IKEA withdrawal.