Friday, December 14, 2007

December This & That

The Frayed Edges are meeting tomorrow. I sent off these packages. I should have mailed them a day or two earlier, I'm not confident they will arrive in time.I'll post pictures of what was inside later this week.

Merry Christmas from Lincoln!
Here are the finished gingerbread houses. Jeff said the "window" on the door of Claire's house (on the left) looked more like a skull. What a festive thought. You probably can't see that the little round candies on the roof of Claire's house are precisely positioned in a colorful pattern. Benjamin was quite thrilled with the chimney on his house.
We had a "hot chocolate picnic" one afternoon last week. It was an idea found in one of the boxes on the Advent tree. Claire wanted to play dreidel while we enjoyed the hot chocolate. Hmmm. Ok. We used a dreidel print-out from the internet and piles of legos for the coins.
My kids are very specific about their hot chocolate. They do not want the cocoa mix actually stirred into the milk. And they want to put in their own marshmallows. Well, who can blame them? It's good to know what you like.

Hey, I got a new hair cut. It's just a bob that is stacked up in the back but I think I like it. Something different.
I stopped into a salon at the mall -- on a whim -- and the guy did a great job. His name was Lupe and we dished about Project Runway, America's Next Top Model and Top Chef. Really, what more could I ask for in a stylist?
Next on the to do list: grocery list making, gift wrapping, grocery shopping, vacuuming, dusting, cookie baking and holiday movie watching.


Sandy said...

Love the gingerbread houses. I was tempted to buy a kit for me and Joshua but I think he is about 5 years too young! Love the photos.

Anonymous said...

LOVE the new haircut! KEEP that guy. Or send him to Maine! And I have to say I agree with Jeff about the window... hope to talk to you today.

Anonymous said...

Sorry...couldn't remember my google ID and hit anonymous, then realized I hadn't signed the above.. me, Sarah!

Gerrie said...

Love your haircut! Way better than mine, but then you have better hair!

Steph puts fun activities into M & M's advent stockings. such a nice idea.