Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Pokey 'Os

We had such a nice day off from school last week. (Goodness, was it really last week? Time flies.) The kids did not have school on Columbus Day and we opted NOT to go to the Texas State Fair, which is apparently the traditional activity on Columbus Day. Instead, we tried to go to a kids' concert at the Arboretum. Apparently I was not the only Mom who thought that would make a perfect outing for a day-off from school. By the time we arrived, they had actually closed the entire Arboretum because it was full. Bummer.

So we drove back through a bunch of traffic and found our way to a huge two-story Barnes and Noble. I looked at a bunch of magazines including several that my regular bookstores do not carry (like Selvedge). The kids looked through maze books and played at the train table. So fun and relaxing. I love bookstores. Then Jeff met us and took us out for lunch. We all went back to Daddy's office for awhile.

And then we went to Pokey O's.

It was fabulous! I read about it in D Magazine months ago, but it's not exactly near where we live, so this was our first trip. It certainly won't be our last.

First, you pick a cookie.
The you pick one of 15 flavors of Blue Bell ice cream. And then the charming college student behind the counter puts them together into your own personalized ice cream sandwich.
Claire chose the tuxedo cookie and the birthday cake ice cream. Yum.Benjamin chose a snickerdoodle with birthday cake ice cream. (Jeff also chose the snickerdoodle with cake batter ice cream and I chose the chocolate chunk cookie with chocolate and peanut butter ice cream.)
Isn't this just a fantastic idea? It is my new favorite place for ice cream.


Diane said...

Oh, my...it's a good thing they don't have a Pokey O's in my town. It sounds delicious, and your choice was egg-Zackly what I would have chosen myself.

We learned that school is out until friday, and I had just promised Caroline that we will make chocolate chip cookies tomorrow...so perhaps I'd better get some ice cream, too!

What a great family outing day!

Gerrie said...

No green ice cream for Benjamin? M & M would love this place.