Friday, October 19, 2007

Interactive Journals

Check out these super fun little journals I made!

I designed them for the mini-workshop that I am leading before the Dallas Area Fiber Artists meeting in November. I'm calling them "Interactive Journals" because they are full of tabs, pockets, flaps, folds and all kinds of other stuff.
Here is a sweet little tab sticking out from the binding.

Here is a giant tag I created from coordinating paint chips and a pocket filled with decorative scraps.

Here is a mini-journal inside the journal.

What might be hidden under the flap? And what might be written on the tiny tag?

There are 24 pages in each journal made up of a variety of materials... beautifully designed papers, vellum, grid paper, a brown paper bag, etc. I designed the Christmas one with the idea that I could make doodles, drawings, lists and notes throughout the month of December leading up to Christmas -- since it has 24 pages! Like an Advent Journal.

I've made kits for the workshop and I know the DAFA members are going to love going through all the items, cutting flaps and mixing up the various elements to make their own journals.

I put a few extra kits in my Etsy Shop if you simply must make your own journal.

I'll also be doing to the program for the Dallas Area Fiber Artists in November. I'll be sharing a trunk show of my quilts and talking about "Getting from Start to Art: 76 Tips to Jump Start Your Creativity." (If your group or guild is looking for a fun, inspiring program, please email me!)


Gerrie said...

Love this idea. And, wow!, you go girl. I think the Texas move has been a good one for you.

Sonji Hunt said...

These look like zines not filled in. Lots of fun. They will enjoy your workshop. Interactive is a great name for them.

Sarah Jayne said...

They look great - thanks for sharing

momma helen said...

They're not showing up on your etsy shop...

Ricë said...

these are fabulous--what a lot of fun to fill them up!

Carrie Ott said...

I am looking forward to your workshop AND your program Monday eve.

Thanks in advance for your generous, sharing spirit!

Carrie Ott